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I have had total replacement of both knees.

I have had total replacement of both knees. The first one in January and the other in June 2020. I would recommend Dr. Incavo and his staff to anyone. The two surgeries were a breeze. They went over everything from start to finished. They answered all my questions. Dr. Incavo’s staff and Methodist Hospital personnel were the best. Surgery went just like I was told. I had day surgery on both knees and because of my age,78, they said they like to keep you overnight. The next morning they had me walking twice before I went home by noon. They told me what I should do after surgery. The main thing is to do the exercise. You will have a short in home rehab and then a few weeks outside rehab. On my fourth month after surgery appointment, I was on the elevator with a lady that was to have knee surgery by Dr. Incavo. She said she was worried and afraid of the surgery. I told her she didn’t need to be afraid and worried as Dr. Incavo had replaced both my knees and it was great. She thanked me for giving her my experience and said she wouldn’t be afraid and worried after hearing about my two surgeries.

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