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A double hip replacement patient shares his story

A double hip replacement patient shares his story

Located on the 26th floor of the Smith Building. Dr. Incavo my angel. I was originally diagnosed with a lower back spine herniation until I was urged to see Dr. Incavo for a second opinion. Thank God I did because he found that I had double avascular necrosis of both my hips. In simple terms my hip bones had died and had broken off and dissolved. YEAH… IMAGINE… I AM ONLY 40 SOMETHING. He immediately scheduled a double hip replacement which my insurance urged him only to do them in 5 month intervals. He pushed them and succeeded. The surgery was amazingly perfect and to surprise showed up in my room to help me out of bed 8 hours later… I was walking (tears) I was in so much pain for such a long time that I am so grateful for him and his great team. Thank you for giving me a second chance.

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