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Research Recognized as Top-10 Most Viewed Articles in JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques

Research Recognized as Top-10 Most Viewed Articles in JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques

As the JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques celebrates 10 years of publishing technological innovation in medicine, publishers spotlight the Top 10 Most Viewed Articles in the journal. Dr. Incavo’s article, Open Hip Abductor Tendon Repair into a Bone Trough: Improved Outcomes for Hip Abductor Tendon Avulsion, is among these popular articles.

According to the selection criteria, the frequency with which a procedure is performed plays a role in the viewership metrics – editors underscoring that ‘all of the featured articles are outstanding examples of the high-quality content the journal aims to provide.’

Article Background

Hip abductor tendon tears are a well-recognized entity that results in progressive lateral hip pain, weakness, and limping. These can occur in patients with native hips or in patients following total hip arthroplasty. However, treatment of these 2 distinct groups does not differ. We describe a new repair technique utilizing a longitudinal bone trough in the greater trochanter. We compare our results (focusing on gluteus medius tendon avulsions) and traditional repair with suture anchors or transosseous bone tunnels. Additionally, we propose a classification system that attempts to describe the different types of tears to guide treatment, as the current classification system is not helpful in defining pathology or guiding treatment. Our proposed classification will help to better describe tear types anatomically and thereby guide appropriate surgical interventions based on these types.

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