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Dr. Incavo and Colleagues Publish Results of Bone Mineral Density DEXA Measurements

Dr. Incavo and colleagues recently published research findings in the Sports Medicine and Health Science journal. The article, DEXA Overestimates Bone Mineral Density in Adults with Knee Replacements, examines bone mineral density (BMD) measurements made by dual-energy-xray-absorptiometry (DEXA) taken from 100 patients who previously underwent single total-knee arthroplasty (TKA) to determine if automated software-based artifact detection (ASAD) adequately removes implant artifact from the DXA image before analysis and if potential inaccuracies could be overcome through manual artifact correction (MAC).

The study also assessed if software-based inaccuracies would result in fracture risk misclassification (Low-BMD/Osteopenia = Young-Adult T-Score < −1).

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