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Abductor Hip Repair Research Findings by Incavo et al. Published in the Journal of Arthroplasty

The Journal of Arthroplasty recently published the research findings of Dr. Incavo and colleagues, Clinical Outcomes for Open Hip Abductor Repair Using Tenodesis and Bone Trough Repair Techniques. 


  • This study reports clinical and MRI findings of type I and type II hip abductor tears treated by open repair.
  • Forty-five hips (44 patients) unresponsive to nonoperative treatment underwent surgical treatment.
  • Type I tears treated using tendon tenodesis. Type II tears treated through a BT repair.
  • Significant improvements in pain relief, muscle strength, gait, and return to activities.
  • Improvement despite tear recurrence/nonhealing evidenced on MRI: both tenodesis (type I: 19%) and BT repairs (type II: 50%).
  • Benefits of surgical intervention result even in the setting of incomplete healing of tear.

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